The second cluster of events saw a variety of known and new practitioners gather under the mill roof in what was an eclectic, informative and exploratory week. The after show party for Maurice Carlin’s Castlefield show, ‘First…Next…Then…Finally’ brought Manchester’s most unlikely DJ’s to the Mill stage (Rule of 3 team included…), and invited visitors to think about future anthropologies though Jane Lawson’s first open studio event.

Thinking and talking about ‘Talking’ as a medium and a drive for futures continued in the second in the ‘CHATCH UP’ series with the Lionel Dobie Collective. This ‘seminar turned on it’s head’ encouraged both one minute human sculptures and attempted to define a collective inner feeling surrounding current art practice and artist led projects (which, in a nutshell, was ‘excited’ but simultaneously incredibly ‘exhausted’).


This was followed by Goldsmiths Lecturer, British Art Show Exhibitor, and, it has to be said, incredibly nice guy, Edgar Schmitz, talking about his past projects and how he feels this informs his opinion of artistic practice in the future. Jane Lawson continued with her open studio, which provoked some very interesting conversations and Stephen Nuttall’s piece in the hallway continued to be a notable talking point over the week, taking the interest in particular of artist Richard Shields.

Other Rule of 3 experiences this week included Pot Luck dinner (including musical ping pong), an enormous post-talk / CHATCH-UP cheese board (provoking yet more informal talking) and a tour of the city’s more independent arts organisations (and food places) with Edgar Schmitz.

Have a gander at the montage of these events… special thanks again to Paul Wright for filming an obscene amount of footage over the past two weeks.

So, all in all a full, well fed, well talked out week. Massive thanks to everyone at any of the events, it again, has been another week of smiles in the Rule of 3 team!


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