It is always sad when good things end, but the Rule of 3 programme decided to end in style and bring in not only a fabulous new resident artist, Hannah Leighton Boyce, but also performance extraordinaires Volkov Commanders and a video night full of work from artists such as Tony Law, Greta Alfaro, Toby Huddlestone and Magnus Quaife amongst others.

Our third resident artist, Hannah Leighton Boyce made the gallery studio space her home very quickly. Almost becoming a full time resident of the mill for the two weeks, she created (amongst other work) two large scale installations focusing on the ‘disappearance’ rather than the ‘creating’ or ‘appearance’ of work. Whilst Hannah manipulated light and specific materials in order to create this ‘disappearance’ in the gallery, the lofty heights of the mill’s 5th floor played host to Volkov Commanders’ moon based studio space. This hour long performance, which took place as an ‘open studio’ event, showcased not only elements of the Commanders’ back story and costume making skills but their natural flair for comedic timing. What was billed as a more ‘drop in’ type performance saw the vast majority of the audience brave the cold for the full hour with some even hanging around once the performance had ended in the hope it would somehow continue…

‘An Illustration with Ink and Ties’ by Stephen Nuttall drew the attention and opinions of Castlefield Gallery Director Kwong Lee whilst the long bar session after the videos encouraged all sorts of extended yapping and rant sharing. The artists videos and the bar proved to be a good combination in itself- creating an atmosphere perfect for the last event of the project. 

As the Rule of 3 event programme comes to a close we are looking forward to the launch of the finished web resource and the public showing of all films and new commissions that have been compiled and created throughout this experience. Exact date is to be confirmed but rest assured it will be SOON and will be a ‘look what we all did’ and ‘thank you to everyone involved’ type of affair…free wine, stuff to see… BEST atmosphere in town… extremely well stocked bar and general good times for all- as a matter of course.

Thank you to every single person who came to any of the Rule of 3 events and made them a success and us very happy!.


See you soon for the final final final Rule of 3 event…. Will keep you posted.



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