The phrase ‘rule of three’ refers to a principle which appears in all disciplines. It’s influence is clear in narrative and prose but also strong in music and aesthetics. Omne trium perfectum, Everything that comes in threes is perfect (Complete). Three is the minimum number needed to set in place a sequence, or complete a narrative. A series of three events, three adjectives or three examples often lends itself to thorough, informative and satisfactory writing.

We wanted to form a singular narrative out of a series of different events at Islington Mill and the various elements in this resource, whilst also allowing for separate narratives to thrive within it. Each set of events have been programmed with a different feeling in mind,
a different stage in the narrative. We hope to provide a framework which communicates
the subtleties and dynamics of the work, ideas and feelings of those who contribute to
this project.

Curated by Gass Pendergast and Jeni Holt Wright

Made possible by Shereen Perera, Toby Burkill, Paul Wright and Islington Mill.

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